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Mead Data Central - Information Services Manager:  While here Cindy was asked to work on several projects, some of them had immovable deadlines and were very critical to the business. At times she worked independently, and at others she worked as part of a team. In all aspects, Cindy performed her job extremely well, showing much dedication and commitment, and met all of her due dates.

Although very people oriented, Cindy's best skills are her technical programming, and problem solving skills. She is very strong in her knowledge of COBOL and IDMS, and her knowledge and expertise in ADS/O is the best I have seen. Cindy also performs her job with a high degree of professionalism.

Progressive: Cynthia's technical skills are excellent and her designs illustrate a concern for the proper balance between technical concerns and user friendliness. She exhibited an appropriate focus on business issues as well as technical concerns.

Lexis-Nexis:   She helped us make the necessary changes to the royalty system that were needed as a result of MDC'S restructure of the NEXIS service. The work required her to step into the complex environment of royalties and decide what changes were needed to the royalty system in order to meet her user's needs.

Her interest in doing the job right and the long hours that she worked, proved the dedication toward her work.We found it a pleasure working with Cindy and would look forward to working with her on future system projects that may come along. As such we would recommend her as a future consultant, based on the work she did for Royalty Accounting.

Mead Data Central - Director, Information Services:  While working for us, she displayed dedication, innovation, and initiative. Cynthia is a very thorough worker and often finishes her assignments ahead of schedule and with more functionality than originally required. We found that she not only works well with management, users and peers; she also works well independently.  Technical expertise was exhibited by Cynthia in many areas including IDMS and ADS/O, COBOL, design, analysis, and debugging.  We initially brought her in for a three-month contract, but ended up renewing her contract five times. This was the second time we utilized her services.

CONSOL INC., Director:  Performing various analytical and programming tasks using Cobol, CA-ADSO and CA-IDMS release 14. Cindy was a hard worker and completed all of the tasks assigned in a timely manner. We were pleased with the professional quality of her work.

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